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Migraine medicine, treatments, and solutions

Coming soon to PILLL.com: a look at the horrible curse of migraine headaches and all things associated with them. I've been wanting to do a migraine-related website for years now, and I've owned this URL for some time without having any particular focus for it. So, while migraine medicine will be just one of the areas of focus, PILLL.com will be the home for my migraine website concept.

I've suffered from severe migraine headaches (and they're all severe -- there is no such thing as a mild migraine) since August 2000. Chiropractic treatment that I began receiving in September 2009 has made a huge difference for me and cut down my migraine attacks to the point where they seldom happen anymore. Unfortunately going to a chiropractor doesn't work for everyone as a cure-all.

With a wide range of potential causes, there is no single answer or cure for migraine headaches. It can be very difficult to pin down the root problem or problems that cause any given person to suffer from migraines.

I don't use the word suffer lightly. The pain of a migraine headache is horrible, completely debilitating, sending sharp pulsations of agony through a person suffering from one. They've been referred to as "suicide headaches" since they have been known to torment some people to the point where they decide to take their own life rather than deal with the pain anymore.

That doesn't need to happen, and modern medical advancements and studies into the causes and reasons for migraines -- and what can be done to either stop them from striking outright or bring them to a halt before they reach full strength.

With this site I hope to share my experiences in suffering from migraines, how they impacted not only me but those close to me, and also what I have learned about them in the past nearly eleven years since I had my first migraine headache. Perhaps what I can share will be of benefit to those suffering from migraines who happen to find this website. If I can help even one person suffering from migraines to find a solution, it will be a worthwhile endeavor for me.

-Lou Pickney
July 18, 2011

November 15, 2007
The FDA is considering changing the status of certain prescription drugs to a "behind the counter" status at pharmacies. This new class of drugs would allow pharmacists to dispense certain medications, such as those for migraines, allergies, and high cholesterol, without requiring a doctor's prescription.

The move is, not surprisingly, meeting resistance from the American Medical Association, as this article in the Washington Times explains.

While it would take power and some business away from physicians, it could potentially be a huge money-saver for the medical industry. It's not likely that any changes would go into effect until 2009 at the earliest.

At the present time, some nonprescription medications, such as certain cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, and the Plan B morning-after contraceptive, are already kept behind the counter on an on-demand basis.